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Expand your culinary repertoire by adding wonderful aromatic flavours to your favourite foods with our range of premium smoking woods. 

Why Choose ProQ Food Smoking Woods?

The ProQ range of smoking woods are produced to complement your BBQ cooking and cold smoking recipes. From classic hickory smoking wood, to delicate sweet maple wood, our extensive range of smoking wood varieties are a perfect match for so many foods.  All of the woods we sell are carefully selected and graded to ensure the very best quality - it is this attention-to-detail that sets us apart from other brands of smoking woods.   Three types of smoking woods are available: Wood Chunks, Wood Chips & Wood Dust. All of our smoking woods are high quality, low moisture content, 100% natural and sustainably sourced.

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ProQ Barbecues & Smokers, Charcoal BBQs & Food Smoking Products

Which BBQ Smoking Wood?

Smoking Wood Chunks

Smoking woods chunks are really useful for longer barbecue cooks like pulled pork, rib racks and beef brisket, as they don’t burst into flame. Wood chunks smoulder longer and provide about half an hour of continuous smoke to your BBQ cooking. It is the aroma from these woods that help to create those big bold authentic American style BBQ flavours.  Our wood chunks are free of bark (which can create a bitter smoke) and they are cut to the ideal size.  Our Smoking Wood Chunk range: Oak, Hickory, Maple, Whisky Oak, Apple & Cherry.  Keep an eye out for our seasonal specials such as olive wood, mesquite, holm oak and orange woods.

ProQ Wood Chunks
ProQ Barbecues & Smokers, Charcoal BBQs & Food Smoking Products
ProQ Barbecues & Smokers, Charcoal BBQs & Food Smoking Products

Smoking Wood Chips

Smoking wood chips are generally used with a BBQ to add flavour quickly, especially for shorter cooks or smaller products like sausages or chicken thighs. Woods Chips give off a lot of smoke in a short period of time - one handful will give you approximately 15 minutes of smoke. Our wood chips are graded to perfection, ensuring they burn consistently and evenly.  Smoking wood chips are not suitable for cold smoking (see below). Our Smoking Wood Chip range: Oak, Hickory, Maple, Whisky Oak, Apple & Cherry.

ProQ Wood Chips

Smoking Wood Dust

Smouldering smoking wood dust is used to create beautiful aromatic flavours when cold smoking foods such as cheese, fish, ham, bacon, butter, salt & garlic. ProQ Smoking wood dust is finely milled to an exact specification – it works perfectly in our patented ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, ensuring a long and consistent burn. Our Smoking Wood Dust range: Oak, Beech, Maple, Whisky Oak, Apple & Cherry.

For recommended smoking wood food pairings and tasting notes, check out our guide here.

ProQ Wood Dust
ProQ Barbecues & Smokers, Charcoal BBQs & Food Smoking Products

Smoking Woods Q&A

Hickory is a great wood for BBQ Smoking, especially for classic American style recipes such as beef brisket, pork ribs & beef short ribs. Maple is great for pulled pork and fruit woods such as apple and cherry are very good all-rounders.

Oak woods dust is excellent with oily fish such as salmon and mackerel, with its rich and earthy flavour profile.  If you are looking for more delicate and subtle flavours then beech wood dust is superb, a ProQ team favourite for smoked salmon and smoked haddock.

Maple, Oak and Apple wood are all very good for cold smoking cheese.  Home smoked cheese such as cheddar, gouda, blue cheese and brie is on a different level to stuff available in the shops – give it a try, it’s easy and really tasty!

It is a matter of taste, but we generally recommend you use 2-3 wood chunks when barbecuing low’n slow.  It is best to add the smoking wood chunks at the start of the cook as the food takes on most of the flavour in first 30 mins to 1 hour of cooking.