Whether you're hot smoking, barbecuing, grilling or cold smoking, we have a great range of recipes to give you inspiration with your ProQ. From the staples of American BBQ to BBQ twists on traditional dishes, we'll keep adding more recipes here as often as possible!



Latest Recipes

x 6 | 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Rotisserie Bone-less Leg of Lamb

This recipe could not be simpler – a beautiful garlic infused leg of lamb, slowly rotating on the spit over the fire and served medium-rare. Succulent and tender, our rotisserie leg of lamb is sure to impress your family and friends.

x 3-4 | Approx 30 minutes

Pulled Pork Pancakes

Making pulled pork is great fun, and very tasty, but what do you do with that leftover lump of pork? Make pancakes.

x 3-4 | 3 Days

Home-Cured Salmon

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to make some delicious home-cured salmon using a simple ‘dry-cure’. Once the salmon is cured you can enjoy as it is or choose to smoke it and create the most amazing home smoked salmon.

x 6 - 8 | Approx 30 Mins

Macs Potato Bombs

These Potato Bombs are ideal for using up left over mash, but we’ve found that there’s seldom any left overs in our house, so we usually have to make them from scratch. These little bombs allow your creative side to shine as there are so many...

x 4-6 | 2 hours

Mac and Cheese Moinks

Submitted by Danny Hawke, this is the winner of our summer 2015 recipe competition. These meat balls are bound to wow everyone at your next BBQ! These beauties are stuffed with a secret surprise: mac and cheese! If the name hasn’t already convinced you to...

x 8 Wings | 2 Hours 30 Mins

Chilli & Lime Hot Wings

These finger licking chicken wings have a kick of chilli with a wonderful sour, zingy lime flavour! They're super easy to make - its all in the preparation with a hot n fast finish!