ProQ Commercial Food Smokers

The ProQ Commercial BBQ Food Smoker range has been specifically developed for professional kitchens, chefs, competition BBQ teams and event caterers. Hand built using the very best materials. Our restaurant grade charcoal and premium smoking woods are ideal for use with our professional level equipment.
ProQ Barbecues & Smokers, Charcoal BBQs & Food Smoking Products

Why Choose ProQ Commercial?

The ProQ Commercial series of BBQ cabinet smokers have been developed and designed to bring a viable solution to professional chefs and kitchens, whilst maintaining the authenticity of cooking with real fire and genuine wood smoke. With a wide range of features to ensure a reliable and sustainable alternative to electric or gas smokers, our hand-built smokers are the real deal and will give you the consistency and reliability required in a fast-paced, high-volume catering environment. All our food smokers work particularly well with ProQ Restaurant Grade Cocoshell Charcoal Briquettes.

Our Commercial BBQ smokers are very popular with competition BBQ teams and we are proud of the fact that several top teams in Europe and Australia choose to use ProQ Smokers.

When it comes to cold smoking, our patented ProQ Artisan Cold Smoke Generator is a great addition to a commercial kitchen. With a burn time of up to 16 hours, it is perfect for smoking large quantities of food.

Suitable for restaurant BBQs, event BBQs or parties at home and even for a typical meal time for a big family, you may find that a ProQ restaurant smoker is a great option.

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Real Fire vs Electric or Gas

So, why not electric, why not gas? Over recent years, a lot of restaurants and caterers have decided to use either electric and gas smokers – whilst they might be easy to use and operate, we believe that electric/gas smokers are unable to replicate the true characteristics of real live-fire BBQ smoking - no smoke ring, no bark, and very little (real) smoke flavour. Cooking over good charcoal and real chunks of wood is the only way to get the authentic results and flavours associated with real BBQ. Our commercial restaurant smokers are easy to operate with precise temperature control and good consistency in the cook – we believe you can produce a better product with the same reliability. Charcoal and wood will always be the way forward if you’re looking for true BBQ authenticity and an epic flavour profile.

ProQ Commercial Smokers
ProQ Barbecues & Smokers, Charcoal BBQs & Food Smoking Products
ProQ Barbecues & Smokers, Charcoal BBQs & Food Smoking Products

Which Commercial Smoker is Best for Me?

It is important to choose the ideal food smoker for your restaurant or commercial kitchen. The ProQ Reverse Flow BBQ Smokers are ideal if space is tight. With a footprint of less than 1 square metre, they can fit easily into the smallest commercial kitchen.

If you require more capacity or if your service runs throughout the day, the ProQ Gravity Fed BBQ Smokers are ideal. Our gravity feed smokers have an integrated charcoal hopper that constantly feeds the fire - so they can be used continuously. Our biggest commercial restaurant smoker, the GFC4200 has the capacity to cook up to 80 racks of baby back ribs or 12-14 whole pork butts.

For those who require less capacity or something that is more portable, the ProQ Excel is a great choice. The Excel is the ideal entry level smoker for semi-commercial use – it is very popular with pop-up restaurants, event caterers and chefs who want authentic American Style BBQ on the menu but don’t want to fork out on an expensive ceramic kamado grill.

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Our hand made commercial food smokers are made-to-order and usually to take 8-12 weeks to be delivered from purchase.

Yes, all of the components inside the smoker cooking chamber and charcoal chute (on the GFC’s) are removable (including the baffle, fire grate, and ash/wood pan) – they are one of the easiest to clean smokers on the market.

Yes, the internal chamber dimensions in our commercial smokers are all designed to be compatible with standard gastronorm sizes.

Over the years we have done (of course) a load of research, importing several different brands of cabinet smokers from the USA – overall, regardless of how well they ran (some great, some not so great), there was always something lacking in the quality of the finish (welding splatter, ugly grinding marks and sharp edges).   ProQ Commercial Smokers are built to last and the finish on each smoker is something we take pride in - we make sure every model is made to a very high standard.