Quick Cooks Recipes

Whether you're hot smoking, barbecuing, grilling or cold smoking, we have a great range of recipes specially developed with ProQ products in mind.

x 6 | 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Rotisserie Bone-less Leg of Lamb

This recipe could not be simpler – a beautiful garlic infused leg of lamb, slowly rotating on the spit over the fire and served medium-rare. Succulent and tender, our rotisserie leg of lamb is sure to impress your family and friends.

x 3-4 | Approx 30 minutes

Pulled Pork Pancakes

Making pulled pork is great fun, and very tasty, but what do you do with that leftover lump of pork? Make pancakes.

x Makes 8 large kofta skewers | 15 Mins

Lamb Koftas

These beautiful North African spiced lamb koftas are juicy, delicious, and easy to make. Grill them on the Flatdog and serve with our simple homemade flatbreads – a fantastic weeknight dish.

x Makes 8 courgette skewers | 15 Mins

Courgette Skewers

These grilled courgette kebab skewers are simple, full of smokey salty flavour and make for a great barbecue side, especially lamb.

x 4 | 1 Hour

Hot Smoked Mackerel Burger

This smoky mackerel burger fuses sweet apple woodsmoke to a deep whiskey malted flavour. The crunchy pickled veg provide a splash of colour and nice balance of acidity and the yuzu mayo lifts the stack with a fresh zingy edge. Enjoy this Asian inspired ProQ...

x 2 | 40 Mins

Hot Smoked Mussels With Pancetta

Hot smoked mussels absorb loads of flavour whilst cooking and pair perfectly with seasonal summer vegetables and salty pancetta cooked in the grill basket. This recipe completely reinvents the idea of Moules Mariniere with a radical ProQ twist and luxury splash of prosecco. Perfect garden...

x Makes 4 large or 8 mini flatbreads | 4 minutes

Easy Flatbreads

An easy, quick soft flatbread recipe with perfect puff up potential - ideal for loading up shawarma's, mopping up curry sauce and stuffing with pulled meats or whatever takes your fancy.

x 6 - 8 (Makes 35 walnut-sized meatballs) | 1 Hour 50 Mins

Smoked Meatballs

Delicious homemade meatballs smoked in a rich pepper tomato sauce and served in a sub or with rice and an Italian salad. An easy one-pan dish to cook for those busy days and a firm family favourite - a perfect, versatile mid-week meal.

x 4 | 40 Minutes

Smoky Vegan Cauliflower Shawarma

A stunning Moroccan style recipe inspired by Berber & Q, this incredible smoky roasted cauliflower will really wow your guests.

x Makes 19 Shotgun Shells | 2 Hours

Smoked Shotgun Shells

These smoked shotgun shells may just become your new go to. Stuffed cannelloni shells, wrapped in streaky bacon, brushed with BBQ sauce and smoked. A simple but mega tasty snack and a fantastic barbecue appetizer.

x 2-3 | 15-20 Mins

Basic BBQ Glaze

This is a base for an amazing BBQ glaze that's sweet and super sticky and caramelises nicely over the fire. Perfect for using as a glaze for spare ribs, chicken, pork, beef, corn on the cob or vegetable skewers. It's also really good if used as...

x 12 or 6 if you want double burgers | 12 Minutes

Epic Smash Burgers

Smash Burgers are destined to be your new favourite burgers! Crispy edges and a juicy middle, these plancha patties really hit the spot and are seriously easy to make. Keep it simple or make it fancy the choice is yours and enjoy!

x 2 | 35 Minutes

Hot Smoked Salmon Salad

This recipe is all about good quality wild salmon hot smoked simply on the grill. There’s a funky little twist on the side with a reinvented potato salad and some smoky seasonal veg. The magic really happens when you pull the dish together and dress...

x 4 | 1 Hour

Reverse Seared Ribeye Steak

You can’t beat a reverse seared ribeye steak. This brilliant grilling technique qualified us to compete at the World Steak Cookoff 2018 in Fort Worth, Texas; it combines the low and slow cooking of traditional barbecue with the high heat charring practiced at...

x Approx 8 | 45Mins

Smoked Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding

This smokey brioche bread and butter pudding was a runner up in our 2015 summer recipe competition. Beautifully smokey, soft in the centre, and wonderfully crispy around the edges, it's a perfect finish to any meal.

x 4 | 1-1.5 Hours

Smokey Lamb Ribs

An excellent starter for any BBQ party, Lamb Ribs are meaty, succulent, bursting with flavour and best eaten with your hands.

x 8 | 45 Mins

Smoked Seafood Paella

This is a recipe that came about after we experimented with making paella in the waterpan of the ProQ Ranger, and it worked really well, but we’re sure most paella recipes would work with the same method, so if you have a favourite, feel free...

x 8-10 | 30 Mins

Beasty Burgers

A juicy, delicious burger recipe that's a great alternative to pre-bought patties, that can easily be altered to your taste. Makes 10 x 150g patties, enough to satisfy any meaty appetite.